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Here's Everything You Need To Know To Vote In The Primary Runoffs

Today's the day to vote in the Democratic and Republican primary runoffs. You may have only a few races (or none at all) on your ballot, depending on where you live.

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From Texas Standard.

Former Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold, who recently resigned his seat after it was discovered he had paid a $84,000 sexual harassment settlement with taxpayer money, is now in hot water back home in south Texas.

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From Texas Standard.

For 20 years, Rafael Palmeiro terrorized major league pitchers. The hard-hitting left-hander from Miami by way of Cuba is one of only six players to record over 3,000 hits and 500 home runs in his career. That’s part of a resume that could make most ball players proud.

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President Trump cautioned that his historic summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may not happen as planned.

"There's a chance, there's a very substantial chance that it won't work out," Trump said during an Oval Office photo opp with the president of South Korea. "I don't want to waste a lot of time. And I'm sure he doesn't want to waste a lot of time. So there's a very substantial chance that it won't work out and that's OK. That doesn't mean that it won't work out over a period of time."

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The legal fight over whether Texas is disenfranchising thousands of voters by violating a federal voter registration law is on its way to federal appeals court.

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There are five Central Texas congressional races on today's runoff ballot – including the most contested race in the state.

When Congressman Lamar Smith announced he would retire instead of seeking re-election, 18 Republicans ran in the hopes of replacing him. We're now down to the final two.

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There are three state House runoffs in Travis County; all will select the Democratic nominee for this November's election.

The highest profile race locally is between Sheryl Cole and Chito Vela for House District 46, which includes parts of East Austin, Manor and Pflugerville.

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Texans head to the polls today to pick the Democratic nominee for this November's governor's race.

Former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez got 43 percent of the vote in the March primary. Houston businessman Andrew White took second with 27 percent. 

One patient's death changed the course of Dr. Lilia Cervantes' career. The patient, Cervantes says, was a woman from Mexico with kidney failure who repeatedly visited the emergency room for more than three years. In that time, her heart had stopped more than once, and her ribs were fractured from CPR. The woman finally decided to stop treatment because the stress was too much for her and her two young children. Cervantes says she died soon after.

A Pakistani exchange student was one of the 10 people shot dead in the Santa Fe High School shooting on Friday. She came from a country where militants have attacked schools and killed students, so her death — in a country that once seemed so much safer than Pakistan — shocked many in her home country.

Poet Emmy Pérez reads her poem "Green Light Go" and talks with poet and novelist Carrie Fountain about living on the border as an act of resistance, the beauty of writing from anger, the healing power of the natural world and much more.



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